About Exam AVE
We are Exam Ave and we are the industry leader in the prenursing field. Our objective is simple; To help students succeed on nursing entrance exams (TEAS®*,A2, PAX) and develop the strong academic and social foundations necessary to succeed in nursing school.

What We Do!
Our Students
Nurses are selfless, passionate, and heroic. For many the selflessness that nurses demonstrate every day in practice begins the minute they start applying to nursing school. The modern student is a multitasked. They are balancing work, family and school. We want to make the preparation for nursing school success to be an efficient and exciting experience.
Our Team
With more than 45 years combined experience in Nursing Education, our team of expertise has developed a unique and effective learning system that caters to every type of learner. We are committed to providing the future nursing student with the highest quality educational materials in the industry. Our content goes through a very rigorous creation and review process by PhDs Nurse Educators, clinicians, renowned psychometricians, and e-learning authors.
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